Pioneer announce CDJ850

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Pioneer have just announced the new CDJ850 CD/MP3/USB Player.

Pioneer CDJ850 CD/MP3/USB Player

The CDJ850 is a CD/MP3/USB Media Player and controller for your favourite DJ software and Pioneers free Rekordbox software. It replaces the ever popular CDJ800 retaining all the core functionality and gaining digital media support and software control. It’s significantly cheaper than the CDJ900 model with the omission of the ProDJ Link connection and slipmode amongst others. Read on…

Pioneer CDJ850 CD/MP3/USB Player

The Pioneer CDJ850 has been designed from the ground up to incorporate much of the functionality of the more expensive CDJ900 and CDJ2000 but in a more affordable package. The CDJ850 will play music from a variety of sources including CD, USB hard drives and USB flash sticks in a variety of formats including MP3, WAV and AAC.

Pioneer CDJ850 USB port

The large jog wheel is lifted straight from a CDJ-2000 and will feel instantly familiar to anyone who has used a Pioneer CD player before. The new jog wheel displays a huge amount of data clearly such as track information, BPM and wave data. The CDJ-850 is fully rekordbox compatible allowing you to plan your sets out beforehand from loops to cue points. Even if you go to a club with CDJ-900s or CDJ-2000s installed, your set will be prepared and ready and you will feel instantly at home.

The Tag List function allows DJs to plan set lists on the fly, adding and removing tracks whenever you need to. The set list can then be saved as a playlist within rekordbox and recalled whenever you need it again. The CDJ850 is fully HID capable meaning it can be used to control any major DJ software. The built-in 24-bit soundcard keeps your music sounding crisp and clear no matter what the situation.

Pioneer CDJ850 setup

Pioneer have said:

“The CDJ-2000s are quickly replacing the CDJ-1000Mk3 as the industry standard player in the world’s biggest clubs, while the CDJ-900 takes root in regular clubs. The new CDJ-350 has now launched, offering the most affordable rekordbox compatible deck for the beginner DJ, but left a gap for semi-pro bedroom DJs and bars. Pioneer today announce the complete rekordbox enabled CDJ line-up with the new CDJ-850.

Pioneer CDJ850 display

Intentionally designed to feel and function like other CDJ models further up the range, the CDJ-850 will give that all important reassurance when turning up to a gig with other CDJ models in the booth. And just as budding DJs practiced on the CDJ-800 at home in preparation for their club gigs on the CDJ-1000, the CDJ-850 is set to become the new training ground for DJs hoping to break it on the club circuit.”

The CDJ850 will be priced at £769 and will be released in August. Demand will be high as it always is with new Pioneer kit so get yourself in the queue and pre-order here.

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  1. john
    July 8th, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    looks sweet

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