Behringer EP1500 Amplifier (700 + 700 Watts)

Behringer EP1500 Amplifier (700 + 700 watts)
  • Full LED Meter Display with Clip Indicators
  • Balanced XLR and Jack Inputs
  • Speakon and Binding Post Outputs
  • Independent Limiters
  • Low Frequency Filters

The Behringer EP series amplifiers are a high quaility model designed for DJ use which are capable of driving stereo loads to 2 ohms, and bridged loads to 4 ohms.

Independent limiters offer great protection against distortion and signal and clip LED indicators monitor performance. Inputs include XLR and Jack and outputs are speakon and binding post.

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Extremely good value for the output it has a very solid well built unit.
By: Terry Peters

Ive owned this product for over a year now and find it very comparable with many more amps costing more than twice as much. It runs quietly and efficiently giving a real warm round sound to my martin bass units and for the money its very good value with loads of clout on the bottom end. Bombproof in fact ! 2008-11-23
beringer cant beat it
By: edwardwhitney

best i have ever used the harder you work this amp the more the amp responds with cristal clear sterio sound 2007-07-03
For the price, this amp can take a lot of stick. Not sure about the rated power being 'true RMS' tho
By: Colin Jay

I have owned a pair of these amps for 3 years, one for bass, and one for full range... They are used for 15 hours per week over 3 nights, every week, and they are driven very hard as well, just below clip point... I also run them @ 2 Ohms.
They get very hot and need plenty of air but mine have never missed a beat, ever...

Tip :- Get them serviced regularly or simply hoover the dust out every couple of months and check/clean fan every use... (You should do this on all amps anyway)... 2005-11-25
Behringer 2500,,,, Wow!
By: DJ Ozzie

I have only used this Behringer 2500 amp once so far but it has already impressed me. I will be using it again shortly and I'm sure it will impress me again.

Ran it at near clipping for 4 hours, powering a pair of 500w RMS 8Ohm Class-D Speakers and boy did it sound good! Really kicked on the bass too.

I'm very impressed, and for this price you can't go wrong! 2005-11-16
By: Chris

Its been well over a year now that I've owned the EP2500, it powers a paur of "Proel" dual 15" bins with ease and quality, very stable sound and maintains its quality even when pushed hard, the sound remains true and faithful all night long, I cant see this amp dying quick, Im here to order another for my setup, 1 is ok, 2 is even better, just shows how I like these amps 2005-11-16
Amazing amp for the money...
By: Justin Warren

I am using a Behringer 2500 amplifier to power my McCauley 2x12" mids (in a three way, mono system). Usually, I run 2 18" McCauley subs (2000 watts Crown power), the 12"s and JBL 2441 2" drivers for the mid/highs. The Behringer sounds good, and so far, have had no problems with heat or other technical problems. I've been running it mono/summed with the 50hz filters "on" and the auto-detect clipping "on". I'm still trying to "not believe" in this amp... at the low price you can buy them for... it just seems "to good to be true"! So far, so good. EXCELLENT PRODUCT! 2005-08-06
the best amp I had....cheers behringer
By: dj fixxx

EP 2500... I was amazed with the sound quality. Truly exceptional product. Well recommended.
Dj store service is excellent, super fast delivery and very efficient. Keep up the good work.. 2005-05-28
Buy the EP2500 well worth spending the extra cash
By: Simon Donoghue

Richards right about what he said this is an outstanding amp and this will last longer than any other piece of equipment... A* ..DJ Saaamon.. 2005-01-06
By: Richard Tydeman

this baby does what it says, i mean seriously, when they say it keeps on running, it does so. Some of the guys that (used to) work for me, blew it up by running it with almost no air and it just 'died'. The next night i had to use the same amp, and it ran all night, without dying. awesome piece of kit.

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Behringer EP1500 Amplifier (700 + 700 watts) specifications
Dimensions (mm) 483 x 420 x 88
Weight (kg) 15.7
Accessories Supplied Power Cable
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