Hercules DJ Console Mk2 USB Soundcard/Controller - PC

Hercules DJ Console Mk2 USB Soundcard/Controller - PC
  • New Mk2 Version
  • Now with 2 inputs for CD/MP3 players or turntables
  • 4 Way Monitoring - Channels 1 or 2, Mix or Split Cue
  • New Jog Wheel Design
  • Shorter Faders

The Hercules DJ Console, a revolutionary complete portable DJ controller, multichannel USB audio and MIDI interface for desktop/laptop PCs with no match in the world-wide market.

The Hercules DJ Console is perfect for digital DJs and music fans right across the board:

Aspiring or amateur home DJs can create their own real-time live music mixes and compilations with pro audio quality right on their desktop/laptop PC, perfecting their skills faster than with vinyl.

MP3/digital music fans can enjoy smooth background music with professional-quality sound. MP3s have never sounded this good!

Club DJs, FM/Internet radio DJs and DJs on a budget can now prepare their mixes faster and easier than ever before, going beyond the limitations of conventional turntables with additional features like looping, cueing, search functions and more. Users can access tens of thousands of their favourite digital tracks and find any title in seconds with no need to lug around hundreds of CDs or LPs.

Ideal to use with all of the latest music and audio applications including: Cakewalk SONAR, SONAR 2, SONAR 3, Cakewalk Pro Audio, Guitar Tracks Pro, Home Studio, Steinberg Cubase VST, Cubase SX, Cubase SL, Cubase SE, Nuendo, Wavelab, Emagic Logic Audio, Adobe Audition, Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro, Cool Edit Pro 2, Sonic Foundry Sound Forge, Acid, Samplitude, GigaStudio, Propellerheads Reason, Ableton Live, Image Line FL Studio (Fruityloops) and other music software.

The Hercules DJ Console is very simple to install and use and makes a great choice for you to build your home, project, or portable DJ/music studio around.

Fun, easy and ergonomic mixing/scratching dual tactile unit DJs can now instantly locate, play, mix, sample, loop, scratch and remix digital music - including MP3s, WMAs and CDs - with Hercules' DJ Console and their desktop or laptop PC. Users will enjoy full hands-on control like a regular turntable with the smallest of learning curves, instead of using tedious keyboard shortcuts to control their major audio applications. DJ Console is also perfectly suited for use under low light conditions at parties thanks to at-a-glance LED mode indicators plus backlit and phosphorescent soft rubber keys.

The Hercules DJ Console includes:

2 vinyl-style jog wheels for spinning and scratching, with finger grips for rapid, accurate song searching or speed adjustment, 1 crossfader for seamless mixing between the two decks, 6 ergonomic potentiometers and bass/medium/treble controls for creative remixing on the fly, 2 rotary encoders and 2 sliders for tweaking volume or changing the speed of music (pitch/master tempo) in real time, 28 buttons to play/pause songs, speed music up or down for accurate mixing (pitch bend), add effects, cue points (song positions) and loops on the fly, skip through tracks backwards or forwards, rewind or fast forward and more, A soft rubber ministick provides mouse emulation or allows for special DJ FX control.

DJ Console comes with a complete, intuitive DJ/music software suite. Hercules' advanced communication protocol guarantees 100% compatibility with the MP3 DJ software suite fine-tuned specifically for use with the DJ Console.

External multichannel USB audio interface
Thanks to its high-end converters, DJ Console records audio from instruments, home stereos, CD/DVD players or other devices and plays back music with the highest audio quality. The comprehensive front and rear audio panels provide an incredible range of high-end connections including optical and coaxial digital In/Out and MIDI In/Out to easily connect most analogue/digital consumer devices and audio/MIDI gear! Users can remix out to amplified speakers and enjoy up to 5.1-channel surround sound (up to 6 outputs).

Featuring excellent compatibility, DJ Console works with any PC with a USB port. If the computer has another sound card, there is no need to uninstall it before using the DJ Console. DJ Console is 100% USB bus-powered, with no external power supply required.

Bundled Software (PC version):

Virtual DJ from Atomix Productions, a full professional DJ software suite

New DJ SE from GMIXON, the easy-to-use DJ mixing software

Ots CD Scratch 1200 and OtsDJ demo from Ots Audio, a virtual turntable CD player and a revolutionary MP3/CD/WAV playback system for DJs, radio stations and music lovers

Storm 2.0 DJ Edition from Storm Music Studio, a powerful audio sequencer

DJ Console Softmapper from Hercules, a powerful mapping interface allowing you to assign keyboard shortcuts to your DJ Console's controls for hands-on control of audio applications (mapping of digital controls only)

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Compare to the Mk1 first.
By: Matt Daley

This product works well with the supplied cutdown version of Virtual DJ, it is very easy to get mixing mp3 and I would recommend to anyone wanting to see if DJ'ing is their thing without spending a fortune. It's great fun with guests and the jog wheels are very pleasant to use.

But, I would suggest that anyone considering purchasing this Mk2 version to seriously consider whether the Mk1 might suit their needs better. Why? The Mk1 has digital connectivity and can deliver surround sound to a suitable amp, it also has a MIDI socket, with the Mk2 it is strictly Line Outs and USB only. The build is also inferior IMO in the Mk2, the soft touch buttons are very poor, requiring varying amounts of pressure depending on where you push them, and they offer no tactile feedback on when the click has registered. The rotary knobs are stiff and the Bass EQ on my left deck is very hard to turn.

I think using one of these live would be a recipe for disaster, USB is not bulletproof, the console is fiddly to operate particularly the buttons which cycle through FX/CUE/Loop functions - and you can only access one at a time from the console.

This leads me to my biggest concern for live use, the new chunkier Jog Wheels, correctly they are very senstive but with so many vital controls positioned around and behind them, it is very hard to mix for any length of time without accidently moving one, not professional at all, and I have found no way of disabling scratch AND search functions for these wheels. There really should be an disable button for each wheel.

The main improvements over the MK1 are, the split headphone switch, 2 phono ins, and a socket for a power adapter (not supplied), there is also the raised wheels but I consider this a weakness.

I think it is unlikely that anyone would want to use this as their main mixer for any length of time, so I think the Mk1 offers the better package for the environment that it is suited to (home/modest studio) mainly due to the Digital in/outs and surround output which make it more useful as a soundcard. 2006-01-03
That all folks
By: Dale Pluthero

I have Been Djing for about 10 years and this product has revolutionised the gap between MP3 and sound quality for large venues. A must get if doing live performances or just recording with a budget

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