Hercules RMX DJ Console With Virtual DJ Software

Hercules RMX DJ Console with Virtual DJ Software
  • Comes bundled with Virtual DJ 5 Hercules DJ Console Rmx Edition
  • Works with Mac OSX10.4 and higher, Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64-bit)
  • Complete with canvas carry case
  • Aluminium Face Plate
  • Can Connect Decks or CD Players via Line Inputs
  • 2 Stereo Outputs (via RCA Phono or 6.3mm Jack Connections)

The Hercules RMX is the new professional DJing solution designed by the trailblazer in portable digital audio mixing controllers.

Hercules, the creator of the first dual mixing deck featuring built-in audio for PC (Hercules DJ Console), reveals the Hercules RMX, a digital audio console designed for advanced and professional DJs.

The Hercules RMX features include a solid metal casing, broad surface, well-designed, accessible buttons and knobs, precise and comprehensive controls, a built-in audio interface with 4 inputs & 4 outputs and all USB bus powered! Get ready to see how the Hercules RMX is the most comprehensive digital dual mixing deck in its category.

PC minimum requirements

  • 1GHz CPU or higher / 512MB RAM
  • MS Windows® XP / Vista® 32-bit

Mac minimum requirements

  • 1.5GHz CPU or higher / 512MB RAM
  • Mac OS® 10.4 / 10.5

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great for the price
By: Jay

i gt this a couple of days ago and i think its mazing for the price u get so much. thr is a tad bit of latency if u wanna scratch but u can still scratch a bit. persnally speaking the virtual dj software that it comes with is very simple and u should rele upgrade to 5 or virtual dj 6 pro if u can afford it. the outputs sound is also very high quality. the postage was also very quick the day after i ordered and the box wer in great condition 2009-07-10
Goog... !!!
By: Dj Jiku

Budget item.............GOOD... !!! 2009-04-12
Absolutly one of the most under rated devices in the market!
By: Dj Gotham1

It's full hands on interaction for PC Dj software. Like reaching into a PC and manipulating the controls. Working with virtual Dj, this software can bring the user into the professional arena. The only warning is to be sure that you have a stable platform because if the software shuts down the mixer goes off-line. So before a party, push your PC beyond what you ever have, task it to the max to see how it holds up. Easy to hook up and user friendly for the experienced Dj. 2009-01-23
Help with laptop purchase....
By: Nigel Gooderham

The hercules is the most fantastic piece of equipment, although my laptop is playing up .The laptop i am using is one that i don't wanna take out on the road, so there's no point in tweaking the settings any more to stop the breaks in sound. As i want a dedicated laptop and don't know which is the best one for the job, i would really love to hear which laptops you guys are using. Please feel free to email me at nigel@nrg-music.co.uk Cheers..... 2009-01-02
Great product, shame about the limmited software
By: James Smith

First thought; wow, this is heavy! The Hercules RMX is a really sturdy piece of kit, which is something you will not find on the cheaper end of the midi range. But. I need to express some difficulty with the setup. It's great that it is usb powered, and the drivers and software is a doddle to setup. But. The software is pretty limmited as Virtual DJ only really threw it in as what i feel as a bonus. Other than that..**** 2008-12-31
Not quite perfect, but for the price it's not far off
By: Chris

I can't praise the RMX enough, it's an absolutely brilliant piece of kit, a really good price and I definitely recommend it. However, there are a few small flaws. I mean really small, but I thought I'd share them anyway. Firstly, the version of Virtual DJ that ships with the RMX is spartan to say the least, and although it works fine, you're going to be wanting to upgrade after about 4 hours on the thing. The only thing that's annoyed me really is the way the kill switches don't light up when you have them on - but I'm really just nitpicking, as soon as you remember how much you paid for this it soon stops bothering you. Go out and buy one. 2008-12-18
By: Dauphin-Klaus louw

The specks and everything is spectacular i definitely need to purchased this amazing piece of equipment . GREAT JOB GUYS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK . 2008-11-06
"Does exactly what it says on the tin"
By: Pesh

FANTASTIC BUY!!! Don't waste your life just looking at this item, buy one - I did....just last week :o) 2008-10-17
By: Tejyboi

A superb piece of kit for the Digital DJ - timecode vinyl and CDs can be linked into the device. If know what you're doing - A one stop solution for all your digital Dj-ing needs. Highly Recommended!!! 2008-10-13
Outstanding piece of kit
By: Justin Moir

Stunning piece of kit. Ordered one day, delivered the next! Outstanding build quality and reliability, used for the 1st time at the weekend for a 6 hour gig, and was impressed with everything about it! Thanks again DJ Store J 2008-07-25
Excellent Mixer good job.
By: Kehinde Owolabi

I think is the one of the best of Computer DJ mixer i've ever seen and im about to get one soon. 2008-05-12
Just great! :) very happy with it.
By: Benoit Panissie

I am new to all the mixing world but have always loved the music and the possibility to mix. As my entire music collection was digital i needed software to play my files and found DJing form your desktop very difficult. After a lot of research and advice from DJstore - I purchased this last week, received it next dat, amazing! Well i played on it twice now - set up was a breeze and in less than 10 minutes was able to mix very poorly :) but after finding out what was what on the console i was doing some pretty good mixing through out the weekend. There seems to be quite accurate and responsive for what i need and in order for me to play around with it - very portable - seems well built, no need for a power cord as it runs smoothly through the USB power. For all new Djs wanting to have a good console i do recommend this for this price range. A+ product

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