Ion ICue USB Mixing Controller With Cue LE Software

Ion iCue USB Mixing Controller with Cue LE Software
  • Ion iCue DJ Controller and Software Bundle
  • Connects via USB to a PC running Windows XP or Vista
  • Complete with Numark Cue LE Software - LE version of our best selling software
  • Jog Wheels and Pitch Control for accurate beat matching
  • Bass, Mid, and Treble Controls for each channel
  • Automatic Beat match Function
  • DJ Crossfader and Channel faders operate software
  • Software performs Mixing, Scratching and Seamless Looping
  • Beat detection with waveform display for Automatic beat matching
  • Free Audio Cable to Connect your PC to your Hi-Fi

The iCUE system allows you to mix MP3 files directly from your computer. iCUE features professional DJ software and a dedicated controller, allowing you to scratch, control pitch and automatically beat-match digital music. With built-in sampling, looping and effects processing capability, iCUE helps you mix like a pro.

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Great =D
By: Nat

Absolutely worth the money. Theres a lot of products out there that look similar to this but this is by far the best. Suitable for 1st timer or old pro, whatever you are :D 2008-05-25
4 out of 5 is a good rate for this product
By: jay =mobile dj

The Ion icue is a good thing to have at a gig. just in case 1 of your cd/vinyl deks dies on you. This bit of kit works best with pcdj vj. The only problem with this bit of kit is that start/stop is not instant like e.g pioneer mk3 or cdj 200.But everything else on the Ion icue mixer is spot on like i said as a secondary/emergncy/backup. if you have a laptop at the gig then this kit is the one for you. Hope this has been helpfull to you .... 2008-01-15
great for beginners and can possibley be used by the more advanced as well.
By: Jody Livingston

I'm pretty new to the whole DJ bit and thats why I love this product. I'm still working with it and learning the ins and outs. I have mine connected to my laptop and connected to my iDJ station as well. I'm not the best at scratching but mixing between these two (especially the icue) is pretty easy. 2008-01-13
Not as bad as first percieved
By: Leon Flood

I recently purchased the ion icue, also eager to use straight at only 99.99 i felt this wasnt goin to be the best piece of equipment around, however as metioned above the, headphones button needs to be pressed at all times, is fixed when you purchase the full version of cue. there are some perameters which can be ajusted to suit. for example as mentioned above sliding the tempo increases or decreases bpm around .3 this is a big problem. which can be solved quickly with full version. the tempo range is defaultly set to +33% -33% if you change this to +10% -10% the problem has gone. same with the heaphones this can be set to be in a toggle fashion. all in all once you overcome these faults there is great potential with this piece of equipment, however limited it may be. Deffinately would recommend this. 2007-10-11
Not Good
By: Moley

Was really looking forward to geting this, looked and sounded great in the blurb. Reality is a little different. The wheels and sliders are nice and loose so it feels great, but this is also a draw back as you can't feather the pitch control (smallest movement was about .3 bpm, which is enough to allow the sync to drift. The crossfader is slow to respond and for some reason you have to press and hold a button to get the cueing track in to the headphones. Could really have done with that hand to control the pitch/wheels/gain/EQ's!!! Serves me right for going for the cheap(ish) option. Did give me an insight in to Numark Cue software tho. I'll probably get the full version on the strength of what I've seen.

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