Pioneer CDJ2000 CD/MP3/USB Player

Pioneer CDJ2000 CD/MP3/USB Player

  • Includes Rekordbox Music Management Software
  • Raised colour screen
  • Rotary selector
  • Needle drop
  • High resolution wave forms
  • Fast track searching
  • Take everything you need on one USB stick
  • Ability to connect up to 4 CDJ2000 via network hub
  • Complete integration with Tonium Pacemaker
  • 24 bit audio file soundcard with HID and MIDI control via usb
  • Built in native control for Traktor, Scratch Live and Virtual DJ
  • Covered by Pioneer’s Europe wide warranty

The CDJ 2000 is bursting with new technology and plays music from multiple sources: CD, DVD, USB storage devices and SD memory cards. It comes with Pioneers revolutionary music database management software for DJs: rekordbox. Based on their ‘Prepare & Perform’ concept, rekordbox works (for both PC and Mac) like the leading music database management software, but is more creative and more DJ-friendly. rekordbox allows DJs to better prepare before performances and opens doors to tools such as Hot Cue Banks and Quantize, for perfectly synced loops every time. DJs can export data to a USB or SD device to access vast libraries of music files when performing live – without the need for extra equipment or any inconvenient rewiring in the club. No need to burn CDs: simply take your USB device to the club, plug in to the CDJ and play. Through the industry-first Pro DJ Link, music files and database data on a single USB / SD device can be shared simultaneously by up to four players connected via LAN (local area network) cable. Plus, the data history of each DJ set is automatically saved and can be made into a playlist that can be loaded back into rekordbox.

Another amazing feature of the CDJ-2000 is its advanced control system and MIDI capabilities for native control of DVS (digital vinyl systems) via USB. It achieves Pioneer’s highest sound quality to date through an improved audio output circuit, a new audiophile-pleasing Wolfson DAC processor, and a built-in 24-bit/48 kHz sound card.

The CDJ2000 includes a full colour 6.1 inch screen, whilst keeping the same footprint as Pioneer's CDJ1000 MKIII. Below the screen is an industry-first waveform Needle Search / Needle Drop ribbon, so that all the convenience of direct file browsing can now be found in an intuitive hardware format. Add to these features a highly evolved illuminated jog wheel and an overall enhanced design, and you have the ideal digital innovation for total performance and seamless synchronisation.

Besides regular audio CDs (and MP3 data CDs and DVDs), the CDJs can play music files that have been copied to SD memory cards and USB storage devices: flash memory and hard disk drives. Compatible file formats are MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF (16/24-bit). Files on Tonium’s Pacemaker can also be played when connected as a storage device via USB.

The new Pioneer CDJ-2000 will change DJing forever in the same way that the CDJ1000 has. This will be the definition of a club media player and software / DVS controller for years and years to come.

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Cant wait for its full potential to be unlocked. At the moment 4-5, in the near future 5-5
By: Arron Jones

This unit really does stand out from the rest!!. The unit really does look stunning, the LCD display couldn't be any better and the navigation for browsing you music is very easy. The unit offers may ways of playback i.e. - USB, DVD, CD, HD & my favourite SD & in many different formats i.e. MP3, AIFF, WAV, AAC. . . making it easy for ever type of user. Build quality as with all pioneer is superb. The CDJ2000 is basically a CDJ1000mk3 with the added extras i.e. - LCD display, multi-format & better connectivity. The RekordBox software is very good allowing you to analyse your music, making it load an instant wave form on the LCD display. This helps for viewing your track and allowing you to use the needle drop feature, located on the unit via a touch sensitive search bar, to quickly jump to the part of the track you want. How ever there is a problem with the units... Being so new it is bound to have problems within its firmware. As being a CDJ1000 user for so long the MK3 version is pretty flawless when it comes to its playback and pitch range is near perfect. On the CDJ2000 the pitch range is really odd it reads different tempos to the CDJ1000mk3 and it never stays in time. A lot of the digital users have become accustom to the pitch range on the CDJ1000mk3 and are used to it.. For the CDJ 2000 not to be accurate is disappointing to say the least. Also the link function is not stable with reports of crashing during playback at events, the units seem to suffer with screen flickering and the RekordBox software is not running in link with the CDJ2000 at the moment. As users of the CDJ2000 have reported back to the pioneer forums the problems are being addressed and have been promised to be fixed in future firmware updates. Unfortunately we are test subjects!!!. How ever saying all this the unit will be something special once the issues are addressed. I'm not saying don't buy the units but I am say beware the product will not be 100% until the issues are resolved within future firmware. I have been a pioneer user for since 1996 and I am confident and sure pioneer will make this unit flawless!! :)

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Pioneer CDJ2000 CD/MP3/USB Player specifications
The CDJ-2000nexus opens up a new realm of possibilities during performance, with the addition of four-deck rekordbox...

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Pioneer CDJ2000 CD/MP3/USB Player specifications
Built-In Effects No
Cue Point Memory Yes
Digital Scratch Yes
Master Tempo/Key Control Yes
Motorised Plater No
MP3 Playback Yes
Pitch Range 6 / 10 / 16 / WIDE
Platter/Wheel Size (cm) 18
Plays CD-R Yes
Plays CD-RW Yes
Seamless Looping Yes
USB Playback Yes
Digital Output Yes
Output Connectors Digital / RCA / USB
Dimensions (mm) 320 x 106.4 x 405.7
Weight (kg) 4.6
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