Behringer DDM4000 Digital Mixer With Midi

Behringer DDM4000 Digital Mixer with Midi
  • 32-bit digital DJ mixer with sampler, FX, BPM counters, digital crossfader and MIDI
  • 4 Phono/Line stereo channels
  • 2 Microphone inputs
  • 4 stereo channels with Gain, 3-band EQ with Kills, fader curve control and flexible crossfader assignment
  • Sampler with beat-controlled loop function, real-time pitch control, sampler FX and crossfader start option
  • 2 assignable and BPM-synchronized FX engines
  • Accurate BPM counters
  • Digital crossfader with flexible curve adjustment, reverse button and automatic, BPM-synchronized crossfading
  • Dual-mode crossfader
  • Dedicated Headphone section
  • Recall your last mixer setting at the push of a button
  • Digital S/PDIF output for direct recording of your performance
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

The DDM4000 is a state-of-the-art 32-bit digital DJ mixer, jam-packed with creative tools, yet its intuitive layout will make you feel at home in an instant. Editing, storing and recalling your settings is simply a breeze!

Hook up your turntables and CD/MP3 players to its 4 stereo channels, each with fully programmable EQ and Kill switches. Put ultimate versatility at your fingertips with fully programmable beat-sync’able multi-FX modules, a pair of high-precision BPM counters and a digital crossfader with custom curve adjustment. And the cool BPM-sync’d sampler with real-time pitch control, loop and reverse functions will make your crowd go wild.

Effects such as bitcrusher, reverb, delay, pitch shift, and more are available, and can be assigned independently to multiple channels.

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great mixer for low cash!
By: reahound

im shokked by this mixer!the sound is great and a treat to mix with!!iv dj for years and its 1 of my best iv played on!!behringer hav a gem on there hands.kills my djm600 2009-06-22
worth the money,won,t be disapointed...
By: djcheechoz

I own this mixer,i think it,s the best mixer on the market today.better than mixer,s 3 x the price!!! 2009-05-28
Good budget effects mixer, if you got money go for the pioneer range.
By: Jerry

For the price this is a really good mixer, just received mine today.Been playing around with it and the effects sections is just not as user friendly as pioneer, its very fiddly especially if u want to setup effects quickly live.But the effects themselves ain't bad and the general sound quality of the mixer is good.I don't like how the echo does gradually fade out when the fader is down, its just stops dead. It only works on 'master' thus not allowing u to just effect one track. The headphone socket is placed in a ridiculous place as well. The sampler is decent but compared to even the djm 400, pioneers is more user friendly and more fun. All in all for the price, it seems to be a very good mixer, im looking to get serato or traktor soon and im sure the midi side of this mixer will make up for what it lacks on board. 2009-01-31
Lots of features in an affordable mixer
By: Paul Francombe

I've had a DJM-600 for about 5 years and it was starting to wear down, thought i would give this a try. I've had it for about a week - the lights are very bright! Build quality in comparison to pioneer is not quite there but i am more than happy with the effects and sound quality it is giving me. The reverse tap buttons are already a favourite for me (akin to the old style 'punch' buttons) - and i'm seeing a difference in my mixing. The effects section is very detailed - could be a bit tricky setting up effects quickly live, however you have two assignable at any one time - so it shouldn't be that bad. Free demo of Trakor with it also, but i'm not using this for MIDI. All in all, a good offering from Behringer, i highly recommend. 2009-01-22
great mixer for affordable price
By: LJ RuD

this is a great piece of kit. sampler, effects and faders, kills..etc are sick! one of its kind opportunity to get for such a low price plenty of music! you can`t compare it with DJM 800 although it does the same job. in my opinion all the buttons are little chaotic unlike on pioneer which is 4 times more expesive. for this price categoty total no.1 2008-11-21
No. 1 for home DJ's. Excellent.

Only had it 2 weeks and it still has untapped depths. Effects are wicked, sampler is crystal clear, so many features and buttons to play with! Coming from a basic mixer setup to this is a serious upgrade to your rig and mixing. Haven't even explored the midi side of it but I have to say that this is possibly the number one mixer on price and features for a home setup. Certainly that i could find.... (November 2008). Don't know how much abuse it would take as a club mixer and unlikely to find out as this is MINE! Check out the reviews and tutorials on youtube to get a feel of it first and you'll probably want it. Really pleased. I'm not employed by Behringer by the way! Cheers. 2008-08-21
So cheap, what's the catch? None that I can see.
By: John Shersby

Excellent piece of kit, had mine a few months now and am still loving it. I've had my fingers burned with Behringer kit before (literally in one case when a crossover caught fire!) but this mixer seems to be a fresh start for the company. The EQ curves are completely customisable, the mic section is one of the best I've EVER heard on a DJ mixer, with dedicated compressor, full EQ, FX and talkover, all of which is tweakable. The unit feels solid, the audio is clean, and it sure looks pretty in the dark... :-) Two minor niggles with this mixer: the mic gain control, which is a little on the twitchy side - using an SM58 mic, the gain is barely above zero on the dial. I added an extra potentiometer between the mic and mixer which helps enormously to "fine tune" the volume level. The other small issue - if you want the crossfader to send MIDI data, it cannot be used simultaneously as an analogue audio crossfader. Not a problem for me as I use it to crossfade video only, but may be an issue to some... These two small issues aside, it is a truly excellent piece of kit, especially with that price tag. Try it - you won't regret it. 2008-08-08
djc 800
By: Jay Leno

YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! :) This mixer is really FUNKTASTIC!!! The sound quality is amazing even compared with other top mixers like Pioneer DJM 800. The effects section is one of a kind. Midi, sampler, very high tech design full of lights, rear connections for all type of setup and a hell of a price. This time Behringer done it well. 2008-07-19
A Masterpiece for life
By: Hermie

I'll bought this baby 30hours ago. Tested it now for 24hours, non stop. It rocks!! Very excellent product in quality of sound and features. The effects is of pro quality. It features all optical faders, so you don't worry about noise, it's free from that. It features a digital LCD screen, to view and do all settings. It's buildt sollid like a rock The price you can't beat. What is a Masterpiece? The DDM4000 is one. You keep it for life. Buy this, practise and enjoy. 2008-07-19
It's a Masterpiece
By: Hermie

The sampler is a bit difficult to understand, but if you practise with headphones and the PFL button pressed in , It's easy 2008-03-18
Why buy pioneer?
By: Kristian

This mixer is everything you could possibly want, for a price that is insane. The digital faders are smooth and spot on. the equalisers completely cut out the music. Sound quality is fantastic. The effects system is very very good. The ability to apply the effect to hi mid and low means you can create some really powerfull emphasis on parts of tracks. The only issue I would really have with this mixer is the sample is rather impractical for quick use. Other than that I really would get this mixer if you can afford it.

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Behringer DDM4000 Digital Mixer with Midi

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Behringer DDM4000 Digital Mixer with Midi specifications
The Numark iM9 is the first four channel DJ mixer with both onboard effects and an iPod dock for playback and recording...

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Behringer DDM4000 Digital Mixer with Midi specifications
Channel LED Display Yes
EQ Cut Amounts -infinity/+12dB
Kill Switches Yes
Mic EQ Control +/-12dB
Mic Talkover Yes
Music EQ Control -infinity/+12dB
Number of Channels 4
Total Line Inputs 8
Total Mic Inputs 2
Total Phono Inputs 4
BPM Counters Yes
Built In Effects Yes
Crossfader Curve Control Yes
Crossfader Type Digital
Effects Send/Return No
Mixer Type Digital Midi
Reverse/Hamster Switch No
Transform/Punch Buttons No
Booth/Monitor Output Yes
Digital Output Yes
Headphone Output 6.3mm
Main Output XLR / RCA Phono
Record Output Yes
Split Cue/Cue Mix Yes
Dimensions (mm) 320 x 110 x 392
Weight (kg) 4.2
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