Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Headphones

Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Headphones
  • Spring Loaded Rotating Ear Cup Design
  • Detachable 3 Metre Coiled Cable
  • 6.3mm Angled Connector
  • 50mm Neodymium Drivers
  • Outstanding Sound Quality and Level
  • Blue LED's blink to the music
  • Carry Pouch Included

These attractive DJ headphones from Stanton are their current top of the range model, and are one of the best pairs of DJ headphones we've heard. The spring loaded rotating ear cups are closed cup, large and comfortable, and they deliver a good quality, loud, powerful sound. Blue LED's on each ear flash to the beat of the music.

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good sound poor design ,,,
By: mark davies

got these headphones for my son just after the new year great to start with then the problems started the right side went down swivel ball came out when put back no sound and cable had broken in side the ball so now used on only one side to bee fair they sound good and hold the bass well he is a bit fed up as he spent his xmas money on them shame really thats life ,, 2005-12-21
Not Happy
By: Dave Smith

I am disappointed! After 2 months one of the cups turned crackly, i received a replacement 2 months ago and now the plastic above the swivvel has snapped.. Not robust enough, never known a set of headphones to get this many problems and be so light weight. For the money i expect more. 2005-12-08
great BUTTT
By: neil ritson

i really would recommend these headphones..they look very smart and are very comfortable and great sounds..+led lights!!! BUTTT sadly as i have just read they break at the point as everyone has said, i got sent a new pair for free which was great but i was pretty gutted seen as you pay like 80 for a pair 2005-12-06
Good Headphones, just not Durable enough.
By: Phil

I bought these about a year ago now, and they have just broke on me. The plastic has snapped where you adjust them to fit the size of your head. It seems to be a common problem from looking at the reveiws on here.

If I used them week in week out then I could understand them breaking, but they get used only once or twice a month at a gig that I do. What made it worse was the fact they broke while I was DJing! Lucklly I borrowed another pair off my mate.

What ever you do don't take them apart to glue them as they seem so self destruct into a few thousand pieces and you have no chance of getting them back together!

All in all they are actually a very good sounding pair of headphones. Even when the music is loud you get a very crisp sound.

Sadly though I would have to say avoid as they just arnt durable enough, especially if you are out on the road. 2005-11-28
Go high-end!!
By: DJ Chico

I have mine for about 6months before they broke at the exact same point every1 else is talking about. Dont get me wrong the sound quality is good and bass is as expected but poor quality design/materials have let these headfones down. I upgraded to the technics 1200s and havent regretted it one bit. They are more pricey but trust well worth the extra 40. Be good to yourself, splash out!! 2005-11-09
Not as good as it looks
By: BigDave

After about 6 months of fairly light use on the road, they broke at the swivel joint - similar to a previous pair of Sonys.
I expected them to last at least a year given their price, but along with ALL othe dj use phones are made from almost 100% plastic. If only someone would make one out of 100% metal. They sound ok but nothing special. I normally steer clear of any product that has gimmicky features (like the blue flashing LED's) - I mean why? I should have listened to my gut instincts. From now on its cheap'n'cheerful and then bin WHEN they break. All headphones could be designed to be much stronger - so why not? The answer is quite simple and I will leave it up to you to supply that......... 2005-11-03
Cracking sound :) ... (& plastic side) :(
By: Weston

Bought a pair of these 6 months ago & they've just broken on the left side... plastic cracked. Was just through normal home use too which was disappointing. Other than that great sound quality & light too so comfortable for hours of use at a time. Think I'm gonna get a pair of RP-DH1002's... better build quality. 2005-09-06
By: djmattd - Newquay

BUY THESE NOW, I've had loads of headphones and these are the best, I use them at least twice a week. Very good build quality and the sound is crystal clear. The flashing blue is a cool touch even if it is a little cheesy! But at least you can turn it off. Detachable cable is a top idea! I did loads of research before making my purchase and finanly decided on these, Don't delay it any further like I did! Buy yourself a pair today! 2005-08-12
made in heaven!
By: dj electron

These headphones are the best i've used so far..i have read many reviews for sony & pioneer & used many headphones including sony pioneer & technics. I decided 2 buy these after a decent bit of research..& i absolutely love them..they look incredible in silver & blue & sound even better..bass is crystal & highs are crisp just like the v700..high volumes are a cakewalk 4 these baybies..put em on & ur cutoff from everythin else..those lights are really cool 2..i have used them for a while now..& they seem pretty tough..i know some others come apart after regular use..but i've been pretty careful with these (how can u not!..they look so darn good)..i think this one deserves more than 5 starz. 2005-08-08
By: Spanyerd

I wasny sure about these at first after my previous pair of stantons snapped at the head rest and blew in the right side after a week of gettin em but so far no problems wutso ever!sound hot, look hot, can handle high volume well, and especially lovin the novelty led lights plus i noticed the blue plastic on the phones glow in uv light:d.. Definitly a wise purchase 2005-06-20
Really Good Pleasing Headphones
By: DJ Ozzie

After blowing up my previous pair of 'Ministry of Sound' headphones I decided to invest in something a little more substancial and expensive, and these babies have fulfilled that. The sound is amazing, the quality even at high volumes is superb and the bass is lovely. I use these as everyday and gig headphones, they are well past what is expected for everyday use and amazing for gig use! They block out the sound really well. Comfy-ish, Great sound, well worth the investment! Buy a pair! Also another great service from DJ Store. 2005-05-28
not bad for the price but...............
By: Andrew Davies

not bad . I had to try something after going through my third pair of sonys . good sound bad build quality . the connetion between the ear cup and head band is cracking its made of platic and not metal . Perhaps im using them too much as i do use then six times a week . I guess im gonna give in and buy the HD25's althought they look so cheap and nasty , but ive been told there the best 2005-03-04
Service & delivery 100% ordered thurs here for fri am !!!!
By: Oli

excellent sound quality made up with them ! 2004-11-25
Pure genius from Stanton!!
By: DJ Dave J

These phones are the s**t. Not only is the sound amazing but the overall quality of the product is tops. Anyone who breaks these is to heavy handed. These are made to last and they will. Pure genius from Stanton!! Perfect for Hardstyle and Hardtrance. Buy them now!!! 2004-09-20
Very good headphones for with a powerfull and clear sound.
By: mr.base

A very powerfull and clear sound. Without distortions on high volumes. The blinking leds supprised me, this is really not necessary for a pro. dj, but there is a on/off button. A usefull thing is the integrated LP/HP filter. The headphones are good to wear and they are also very good closed like Sony DJV-700. I think it's up to you if you like better Sony or Stanton. I heard both headphones, the only diference is the price and on the Stanton headphones is the usefull filter. ps: there is a second usefull thing is the deatachable signal cable, so if one cable is broken or otherwise damaged, you can replace it very easy. I think that's all, have a nice day. (sorry for my english :) )

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