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DJ Headphones

DJ Headphones are without doubt the most portable part of a DJ's kit, they're arguably also one of the most important - having evolved from simple hi-fi headphones that would do the job of letting you cue your next track before it hits the speakers and, in turn, the dance floor, the range of headphones used today both in the DJ booth and while gigging at festivals has widened significantly.

There's plenty of good reasons why there is such a huge range available - DJs each have a unique set of requirements and their own taste. Sound can be quite subjective, some would like their headphones to deliver a flat, un-coloured sound - while others prefer the headphone to accenuate frequencies deemed to be beneficial to mixing - be that bass or highs, or perhaps both.

The feel of DJ Headphones is also important, from the padding that's in contact with your ears for long periods of time (often in hot and humid environments), to the weight of and support offered by the headband each DJ will need to find a pair of headphones that sound and feel right, not too mention looking the par while stood in front of a crowd.

With this in mind DJ Store have selected DJ headphones to sort all tastes and budgets - from the luxury of V-Moda, to the tuned Pioneer DJ cans, budget favourites from Numark are found alongside the industry standard Sennheiser HD25 headphones and the latest offerings from Shure to ensure that DJs can choose the right pair for them.

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