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Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are the essential final link in your audio chain, ideally your monitors will provide a flat frequency response to enable you to judge your mixdown thanks to the accuracy of the audio reproduction. There are a wide range of technologies available including speakers with built in DSP (digital signal processing), basic EQ calibration and co-axial drivers as well as front and rear ported enclosures which all influence both the sound and positioning of the speaker.

First up, a little about studio monitor positioning - ideally you will be able to position your monitors away from the wall to form an equilateral triangle with the refernce point (where the listener sits) behind your head. If you're planning on purchasing studio monitors with rear ports then you will need to move these further away from the wall behind them, as you move away from the wall do consider that there is a drop in bass response in the centre of most rooms which could adversely affect your perception of bass and could influence your mixing decisions.

There was a period in time where both active studio monitors and the passive variety fought for supremacy but it is now generally accepted that the carefully matched amplification and crossover components compliment the driver selection in active monitors, as a result all of the studio monitors we hold in stock are of the active kind. We have monitoring solutions from KRK, Mackie, Genelec, Presonus, Pioneer Pro Audio and more with many available for free next day delivery.

If you need any advice when choosing studio monitors please don't hesitate to contact us on 0333 700 9000 or email using helpdesk@djstore.com

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  • Focal Shape 40 Compact Studio Monitor (Single)

    Focal Shape 40 Compact Studio Monitor (Single)

    Shape 40 is the most compact studio monitor in the Focal Professional line, and the perfect solution for nearfield monitoring. These monitors can be used from 23″ away (60cm), and they have astonishingly extended low end frequency response Learn More
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  • Focal Shape 50 Studio Monitor (Single)

    Focal Shape 50 Studio Monitor (Single)

    Shape 50 is a versatile monitoring loudspeaker with a very extended low end frequency response (50Hz) considering its compact design. Thanks to this design and to the numerous settings, this monitor is ideal for rooms measuring less than 130ft2 (12m2) Learn More
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  • Focal Shape 65 Studio Monitor (Single)

    Focal Shape 65 Studio Monitor (Single)

    Shape 65 is the reference of the Shape line. Although it’s dedicated to nearfield monitoring, this monitor enables extraordinary monitoring quality, in the lowest to the highest frequencies Learn More
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