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Pioneer DJS-1000 DJ Sampler

The Pioneer DJS-1000 is a sample based performance instrument designed specifically for DJs to use in the DJ booth.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Step sequencer.
  • 7-inch full-colour touch screen.
  • Live Sampling.
  • 16 RGB Pads.

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    The Pioneer DJS-1000 is a bold move by the manufacturer of the industry standard NXS2 range to deliver a booth DJ Sampler that can be used to create unique sounds and phrases in an intuitive and DJ-friendly format.

    With many of today's leading DJs taking elements of the studio into the booth to stamp their signtaure onto the sets that they're creating it makes sense that eventually somebody would develop a product that could answer the combined live set and production needs that so many artists have been crying out for. The DJS-1000 has an easy to use interface, 16 multi-coloured step input keys (arranged into two banks of eight - more on these in a moment), 16 multi-coloured performance pads, a host of connections and - perhaps most importantly - a great selection of dance floor ready effects.

    The DJS-1000 is the perfect sample based instrument to take into the booth - the control layout is both familiar and intuitive and the footprint fits in with the NXS2 range perfectly! With the DJ sampler connected to your setup you'll quickly be creating sequences of samples that are synced to your set flawlessly - new grooves are intuitively built while mixing with other tracks to create one off sets that take the crowd on a journey.

    In addition to the Beat Sync, tempo slider and nudge functions that make the task of blending your new groove into a set simplicity itself you'll quickly realise that the 7-inch touch-screen provides a huge amount of visual feedback. Some of the visual feedback included provides instantly recognisable sequencer patterns, which are important as the two banks of eight step buttons work in conjunction with this view to provide an at-a-glance reference to the pattern playing. You'll also find instrument icons assigned to the pads for the included Loopmasters content.

    On the subject of content, the samples pre-loaded onto Pioneer's DJS-1000 are really quite special - there's a huge range to choose from and the quality is simply stunning! The content is so good in fact that we're sure anybody could take control of a DJS-1000 in the booth and quickly create a sequence that would fit the set playing and if that wasn't enough, the unit can Live Sample a track that's playing and the resulting loop will be synced to the current playback - we're sure that plenty of DJs will be Live Sampling chunks of popular acapellas, basslines and breakdowns and slicing them on the fly to create live remixes, it's that simple with the DJS-1000.

    The main features of the Pioneer DJS-1000 DJ Sampler include:

    • Intuitive step sequencer
    • Touch strip including pitch bend feature and note repeat functionality
    • 7-inch full-colour touch screen with intuitive visual feedback
    • Accurate syncing with various external devices and systems using both MIDI and PRO DJ LINK
    • Live Sampling - easily sample input sounds
    • FX - add various FX to tracks with ease, at both group and individual track level
    • Designed to fit perfectly alongside the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2
    • Support for USB devices: Manage your projects and samples easily
    • Over 2,500 on-board Loopmasters samples: Start performing with the DJS-1000 straight out the box
    • Support for DJS-TSP Project Creator: Easily create projects and SCENE3 files on a PC/Mac
    • Support for project files created on the TORAIZ

    Pioneer DJS-1000 vs Toraiz SP-16

    As the DJS-1000 is based around the SP-16 platform you can compare the two products below:

    Type DJ Production
    Model DJS-1000 Toraiz SP-16
    Media Device USB Memory, Internal Memory, PC/MAC USB Memory, Internal Memory
    Pads (Live Input) 4x4 RGB Big (Square) Pads 4x4 RGB Pads
    Step Keys (Step Sequencer) x16 Colour Illuminated Hard Keys x16 Colour Illuminated Hard Keys
    Tempo Control Tempo Slider Rotary Encoder
    Beat Adjust Nudge Button Nudge(UI)
    Display 7" Colour 7" Colour
    Pad Assign Image Text, Colour, Icon Text, Colour
    Sequence Event View Y N
    Dave Smith Filter N Y
    Performance FX Y N
    Live Sampling Y N
    Hot Slice Y N
    Slice Y Y
    Solo/Mute Y Y
    Slice Y Y
    Solo/Mute Y Y
    Master/Send FX N Y
    Arrangement (Create Track) N Y
    Audio Out x2 MASTER 1 (RCA), x2 THRU/MASTER2 (1/4 Inch TS JACK) x8 LINE (1/4 Inch TS JACK)
    Audio In x2 LINE (1/4 Inch TS JACK) x2 LINE (1/4 Inch TS JACK)
    USB Connections x1 USB A, x1 USB B x1 USB A, x1 USB B
    Link x1 LINK (LAN) x1 LINK (LAN)
    Power Supply IEC AC Adapter
    Playable media USB storage device (flash memory/HDD, etc.)
    Playable file WAV, AIFF (16 bit/24 bit, 44.1 kHz)
    USB storage support file systems FAT, FAT32, HFS+
    Input ports INPUT x 1 (L/MONO and R ¼-inch TS jack)
    Output ports OUTPUT1 x 1 (RCA) THRU / OUTPUT2 x 1 (¼-inch TS jack), PHONES x 2 (1/4 inch stereo jack, 3.5 mm stereo mini jack)
    Other ports IUSB (Type A) x 1, USB (Type B) x 1, MIDI IN (5P DIN), MIDI OUT / THRU (5P DIN), LINK x 1 (LAN 100Base-TX)
    Power requirements AC 110–220V (50 Hz/60 Hz)
    Electricity consumption 20W
    Max external dims (W x D x H) 320.0 mm x 421.6 mm x 110.1 mm
    Weight 5.4 kg

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